7 hot selling makeup Brands in Nigeria

Hello Readers,Thank you for visiting our blog,today we would be introducing our blog by writing on some of the trending Makeup Brands that are in high demand today in the Market.We also promise to update you always on latest trends and happenings in the cosmetic industry.

Some of these Brands are

  1. LA Girl:LA GAL

LA Girl’s product lines include Makeup boxes, High Definition Eye shadows, there is high demand for the Brands Matte Lipstick which leaves you feeling gorgeous after applying it.They target diverse beauty needs of girls and women worldwide.This can be seen in the different colours and version of a product.The HD Pro Face Pressed Powder comes in different shades i.e Warm honey,Cocoa,True Bronze,Fair.LA Girls product line is one of the hottest selling products today.

2.Mary Kaymarykay mineral bronzing powder

Mary Kay with over 2.5 Million likes on facebook  is a trusted Brand in Skincare,Makeup and  and Beauty products.The 52 year old company has a wide range of products that are the preferred choice of todays trendys woman.They are known for their Multi Level Marketing and Direct selling  methods of distributing their product Worldwide.It is believed that the Makeup case of a lady is incomplete without a Mary Kay product.

3.Milanimilani mineral loose powder


Milani is a relatively affordable makeup brand and perfect for women with class and love for color, Its product usually comes in different colors .Some of their products include Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Pressed-Powder, Blush etc they are in hot demand in the market.

4.Jordana jordana matte lipstick. Brown

Some hot selling products from Jordana brands are   Lip Stick Matte,Lip liner, Lip gloss Lip balm .Some of their other products are Face Primer, Face bronzer , Eye Mascara and Eye accessories.They are in very high demand these days.





A lot of ladies prefer Jioney matte glosses because they are long lasting and are in different colourful shades. They are also very lovely Makeup Kit.!Makeup remover and wipes from Jioney

The BH Cosmetic Brand is known to produce high quality Makeup product at an affordable price and this has made them the preferred choice for a lot of Makeup Artist. There is high demand for the BH Cosmetics product line  especially from Makeup Schools and Makeup Professionals


M.A.C. Cosmetics This one of the most popular Makeup brands today in Nigeria,The quality of their products speaks for them. They are of high quality and preferred choice of most Makeup Artist zz MAC pro longwear spf 10 foundationsome of their hot selling products are Moisturizers, Foundation, Face Concealer, Lipstick, Mascara, Makeup Brushes etc.


To order products from these brands from our online cosmetic shop  click HERE  If there other brands you think we should have included on the list you can add them on the comments thread….

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