Zikel Vanity Mirror - Lighted Makeup Mirror - Vanity Makeup Mirror

Brand: Zikel

Category: Accessories

Weight: 100.00g (grams) (Dimension: 8*13*2)

Stocks: 5000

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For a bigger, more statement piece, that gives off all the right lights and view, this cult favourite mirror is the right piece to complete your makeup routine. Twelve adjustable LED light bulbs surround the mirror, giving you just the right brightness for morning, afternoon, or evening. with an option to choose between color temperatures, from warm to cool.

Below are more features to look out for:

a). Zikel Vanity makeup mirror is a bigger vanity mirror that fits the size of your dressing table,14.5"long by 18.5" high;strong, solid feel with metal frame and base, built to withstand heavy use on your dressing desk.

b). This vanity mirror with lights has 12pcs non-replace LED bulbs providing a large and bright viewing,adjustable brightness and 3 lights colors (regulator) helping you achieve a flawless professional makeup.

c). Simply turn on/off the switch makeup mirror and adjust the brightness by regulating the switch makes this lighted mirror return to the same brightness.

d). Safe and durable: mirror powered by a 60" extra long 12V UL certified adapter,designed with 12 non-replace bulbs with 50000 hours life,Unique drop-proof packaging guarantees mirror in a good condition


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