Zikel X Makeup Ghana Eyeshadow & Lip Pallet

Brand: Zikel

Category: Eyes

Weight: 5.00g (grams) (Dimension: 7x4x3)

Stocks: 500

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This New Palette offer you all the variety you need in one Handy, colourful, Stylish and Beautiful.

The Lip palette comes in 16 highly pigmented unique shades you need to personalize your everyday look, while the Eyeshadow comes in 24 pigment rich colours, perfect Eyeshadow for all occasions, with finishes that runs from daytime tonight time.

Zikel X Makeup Ghana Eyeshadow & Lip Pallet is specially designed to give the perfect and complete every girl’s Look and it’s hard to be satisfied with just one shade. Some days, you like to go with bold look, and other times you want nude look. And this palette is Giving Everything is supposed to give.

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