Navigate Through in a glance

Navigate Through in a glance
This is a simple and easy way to make an order on

A simple glance through

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Order Process
First, whatever you see and love to buy, just add it to cart by
Clicking "Buy Now" or "Add To Cart".

Add as many as you want to your cart, and once
you are through with adding to cart, please visit your cart @

check your items on the cart, if you are satisfied with it, 
click checkout below the cart items and the website will navigate 
you to the checkout page (
where you will have to fill delivery information and choose your
payment chioce/method and then click "Place Your Order".

if your order is accepted, you will see a dialog box for payment.
if anything happens, please visit your cart

if your cart is empty and you are login,
please visit
you should see your order as pending, just click on it and then proceed.

Thank you very much for using
you can reach customer care on 
+234703 471 5941 | +234 811 071 8887 | +234 905 047 8613
for any help, support and assistance.

Last updated; April 29, 2022

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