EYE SHADOW PALETTE - 35 Color Matte - BossLady - SlayQueen

Brand: Zikel

Category: Eyes

Weight: 52.00g (grams) (Dimension: 23x17x1cm)

Stocks: 827

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SlayQueen BossLady


Talc, Mica, Kaolin, Tianium Dioxide, Magnesium Steareate, Lsopropyl Palmitate, Lanolin, Methylparben, Propylparben, BHT.

May Contain: Maca and Tianium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Maganesc Violet, Ultramarine Blue.

Chiome Oxide Greens, Hydrated Chiome Oxide Green, FD&C Yellow No.5 AI Lake, FD&C Blue No. AI lake

Net Wt.:  56.2g/19.8oz

Formulated in the United States.

A product of Zikek Cosmetics.

Looking Beautiful and Confident is our business and our boss lady will give you that!

Guess who is in town???it's the new zikel cosmetics eye-shadow pallet,like seriously this pallet is a banger.
This eyeshadow pallet is all you need to switch on your "slay queen" mode or "boss lady" mode whenever,wherever and however you love to.
The SLAY QUEEN eyeshadow pallet consists of matte and pigmented shimmer eyeshadow .
The BOSS LADY eyeshadow pallet as the name implies,gives you a combination of matte eyeshadows,pigmented shimmer eyeshadow and pressed glitters all in one pallet.
Isn't that amazing???hurry now to the DM to start placing your orders.Retails for N6,000 only.

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