Zikel Golden Eye Mask Paste - Anti-Aging Formula - Wrinkle Repair & Deep Moisure Repair

Brand: Zikel

Category: Skin

Weight: 90.00g (grams) (Dimension: 2*4*4)

Stocks: 4999

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Jelly gel texture, rich in planting nourishing essence and water moisturizing essence, water and clear layer to nourish and nourish. Improve dry and rough eye musicles, give eye contour and care, so that the skin around the eyes is smooth and elastic.

After cleansing, remove the eye mask and stick it on the dry part of the eye. After 15-20 minutes, remove the eye mask and gently message until the essence is absorbed.

1. Please keep in a cool and dry place

2. Please keep it out of reach of children

3. Do not put into the eye, if put into the eye, please rinse with water as soon as possible

4. Discontinue use or consult your doctor if there is any abnormality in use