Zikel HD Concealer - Second Skin - Light Weight - Water Proof - Full Coverage

Brand: Zikel

Category: Face

Weight: 2.00g (grams) (Dimension: 11x7x2)

Stocks: 49434

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Nude Creamy Ivory Honey Sexy Blackie Neutral Caramel Golden Beige Zikel Cafe

Zikel Liquid Concealer - Highlight - High Definition - Light Weight - Water Proof - Full Coverage

When we say this is the hardest working concealer in the market, we have our reasons. This concealer can cover your entire under eye, perfect imperfections, cover blemishes, while leaving you with the perfect base.  If you want a picture-perfect look, the ''Second Skin'' as the name implies gives you a second skin that. 

Once you use the Zikel Secomd Skin concealer, your skin will thank youbecause of the texture, finish and coverage requirements.

Shades includes:

  1. Nuetral
  2. Creamy Ivory
  3. Honey
  4. Nude
  5. Golden Beige
  6. Caramel
  7. Zikel Care