Zikel Star Lamp - Ring Light

Brand: Zikel

Category: Accessories

Weight: 80.00g (grams) (Dimension: 4*4*4)

Stocks: 5000

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Camera Video Photo Light 3200K-5500K 6 Tubes Eyes Star Photography LED Makeup Ring Light Lamp with Tripod Stand for Camera Phone

LED light: 6 Tubes, 336 LEDs
Input power:AC85-230V 50Hz/60Hz
Output power:6*15W 90W
color temperature:3200K-5600K(±200K)
CRI:Above 90
Light weight:1.56kg
Dimming range: 1%-100%
Max Diameter: 875mm

Operation instruction
(5.1)take the light body from packing insert the power adapter light DC port ,and connect to alternating current
(5.2)Turn on the light the signal of “P””W” are all remitting red light,and into the function to adjust the light,the digital power (1) display from 1.0 to 6.0
(5.3) Push the multi-fuction knob (2) into DMX512 mode,”D” signal is remitting red light ,digital power screen(1) display from d1 to d512 to choose.
(5.4)Push the knob(2)into the color temperature mode and “K” signal is light,digital screen (1)display 3200k,4200k and 5600k.
(5.5)Put the camera to the locking screw (4),it can adjust the position of the camera ,front or back .
(5.6)Adjust the screw (5) .it can adjust the height of the camera

Package included:
1* TL-1200S Star light
1* Phone holder (5.5cm-8.5cm width)
1* bag
1* adapter
1* Manual
1* Tripod stand

I will be the starlight in your eyes, You'll be the brightest star in the world,different shapes with different lighting effects